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Youth Diversion Specialist

Sioux City, IA, USA

Job Type

Full Time


In the schools, community and office

Position Summary

With the supervision of the Sky Ranch Behavioral Services Executive Director, the Youth Diversion Specialist will provide community-based early diversion services in the community and local Sioux City middle and high schools. The Specialist will provide individual and group early diversion screening, intervention, referral, and coordination of services according to the Project SHIELD model and prescribed evidence-based practices for early diversion in substance use and/or mental health. This person will maintain the ability to work Monday through Friday in the office, schools, and community within the hours of 8am to 5pm with the ability to work up to two evenings per week until 7pm for early diversion services. This position will maintain 60% or greater direct contact in delivery of face-to-face interventions with youth. This is an in the office, schools, and community position. Two full-time positions are being recruited and hired.

About the Role

• Conducts outreach, engagement, screening, referral, and intake with eligible participants and their parent(s) and/or caregiver(s)
• Coordinate and facilitate the SHIELD diversion educational component of the program
• Conducts screening to support mental health and substance use intervention
• Facilitate youth diversion evidence-based intervention chosen curriculum and instructs caregivers and teens on relevant subjects
• Determines appropriate diversion activities and facilitates individual and group interventions, including warm handoff to community resources for behavioral health and support services
• Documents all individual, group, and/or collateral contacts and services as it relates to delivery of early diversion
• Communicates regularly with other staff, school, juvenile probation personnel, community agencies, youth, parents, caregivers, and the general public to facilitate placement and transition of clients
• Establishes and maintains partnerships with outside agencies that provide educational and community service projects
• Provides monitoring of youth to ensure completion of assigned tasks
• Maintains a strictly professional relationship with program participants and maintains strict client confidentiality at all times
• Tracks statistical data, provides community referrals, and monitors youth to ensure completion of program contract on an as needed basis and the status of participants beyond successful completion of SHIELD. Collects data to help measure the program success
• Completes training on all evidence-based practices, safety, intervention, confidentiality, mandated reporting etc.
• Provides youth and their families with referrals to community resources when necessary
• Other duties as assigned


Education Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, Criminal Justice, Youth Engagement, Social Work, Counseling, or related field

Experience/Qualification Requirements

  • One year of demonstrated skills and abilities in providing youth diversion intervention or related services in a culturally affirming approach to children, adolescents, and families

  • Experience working with at risk youth

  • Experience in working with families

  • Good written and verbal skills

  • Public speaking skills

  • Self-motivated to take responsibility for success of SRBS

  • Demonstrated ability to organize and prioritize work responsibilities with limited supervision and/or structured guidance

  • Ability to build collaboration

  • Ability to motivate youth and families to succeed

  • Computer skills

  • Good advocacy skills

  • Ability to form relationships and build partnerships

  • Ability to travel through the service area (Sioux City, Iowa and surrounding Iowa counties) as necessary, must have a clean driving record

  • Dedication to success for youth and families

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Sky Ranch - Youth Diversion Specialist
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