Jeffrey R. Johnson


Jeffrey R. Johnson has worked for Sky Ranch Behavioral Services since 1987. He oversees coordination of client referrals, conducts staff meetings and assists in crisis intervention. Over the last 30+ years, Jeff has fallen in love with Sky Ranch and says his team is dedicated to positively changing the lives of the children they work with. “I am very thankful and honored to have a professional team to work with, and for the continued support of the Sky Ranch Foundation.” 

Sammie Kavanaugh

Behavioral Health Specialist

Sammie Kavanaugh has worked at Sky Ranch since 2012 and is a Behavioral Health Specialist. Sammie graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Wayne State College. She says the best part about working at Sky Ranch is that she never feels alone. “With a team approach on several clients, that feeling of getting overwhelmed is diminished. There are always other staff members you can turn to for questions.” 

Mitch Kulawik, CADC

Substance Use Counselor

Mitch Kulawik has worked as a Substance Use Counselor for over 10 years.  He graduated from Creighton University in 2003 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, but after finding recovery himself in 2006, he decided to become involved in a field that helps other addicts find recovery.  In 2014, after spending a few years working as a recovery coach, behavioral health intervention specialist, peer support specialist, and substance use counselor, he started KCS, outpatient treatment program to better help individuals find new ways to overcome their struggles with Substance Use and Problematic Gambling Disorders utilizing a mix of 12 Step and evidence-based treatment programs and improving whole health awareness.  “It is my goal to help these individuals find the courage for everyday living.”                                                                      

Matt Niles

Behavioral Health Specialist

Matt Niles is a Behavioral Health Specialist. Matt has been with Sky Ranch since 2015 and previously worked in Alternative Schools from 2006 to 2011. He also worked as a South Dakota State Trooper from 2011 to 2014. Since then he has been employed by the Air Force and Sky Ranch. Over the last few years, Matt has provided clients with treatment plans and works with them to improve their behavioral goals. “The best part about working at Sky Ranch is seeing a positive change in a client.”

Rachael Conolly 

Behavioral Health Specialist

Rachael Conolly was hired at Sky Ranch Behavioral Services in September 2019. Rachael graduated from Wayne State College in 2018 with a Bachelors Degree in Human Service Counseling. She completed an internship with The State of Nebraska Probation and continues to work for probation. 

“I enjoy working for Sky Ranch because I get to see positive changes by helping others lean towards a positive direction.“

Karey Yaneff

Behavioral Health Specialist

Karey Yaneff was recently hired at Sky Ranch Behavioral Services in January 2019.  Karey graduated from Briar Cliff College in 1999 with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice.  During college, Karey worked for Juvenile Court Services as a Community Service Supervisor. Karey completed her internship with Woodbury County Sheriffs Department. Karey currently works full time with the Department of Public Safety and has been employed with them for eighteen years.  Karey says, "I enjoy working for Sky Ranch Behavioral Services because I observe clients working hard and they receive positive rewards based off their actions/decisions."  She enjoys hunting, taking co workers' children hunting, and motorcycle riding.

Josh Drew

Behavioral Health Specialist

Josh Drew is a Behavioral Health specialist and has been with Sky Ranch since May 2019. Josh graduated from Bellevue University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from the Community College of the Air Force. Josh has been serving in the Air Force Security Forces squadron from 2006 to 2016. He also worked as an Air Force recruiter from 2016 to 2018 and returned to Security Forces in October 2018. The best part about working at Sky Ranch, “is being able to help others strive to be the best they can be.”  

Terri Askelson

Behavioral Health Specialist

Terri Askelson is retired after 30 years of teaching for the Sioux City Community Schools. She has her Masters Degree in Behavior Disorders and taught Health as well as facilitating groups for Teen Parents and the GSA. As a teacher, coach, parent and grandparent she has always been drawn to the children who need an advocate and can learn to advocate for themselves through self-esteem, communication, social skills and decision making. "There is nothing more rewarding than having a young person grow and mature and come back and say Thank You."


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