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Part Time Substance Use Counselor

Sioux City, IA, USA

Job Type

Part Time


In the office

Position Summary

Under the supervision of the Sky Ranch Behavioral Services Executive Director this position will serve Sioux City, Iowa and surrounding Iowa counties as a substance use counselor. Substance Use Counselors are responsible for client growth by aiding in the development of interpersonal skill building for the purpose of developing a healthy recovery from substance use disorders. Counselors will follow treatment planning protocol to help address all areas of need for each individual client with a goal of achieving a happier, healthier life with sobriety. This position will maintain 60% or greater direct contact in delivery of face-to-face interventions. This is a part-time position requiring working flexible hours to best accommodate meeting the needs of the clients served to include evening hours.

About the Role

  • Conduct assessments, determine level of care based on The ASAM Criteria, and provide individual and group counseling sessions 

  • Participate in team meetings, community outreach and required annual trainings 

  • Support clients in addressing a variety of individualized goals to help obtain a successful recovery 

  • File timely reports, comply with web-based reporting, online filing, and use of electronic health records system(s).

  • Communicate with and meet expectations with outside entities including, but not limited to: Juvenile and Adult probation officers, various court systems, Department of Human Services, other similar agencies, etc. 

  • Professionally model and interact with clients in a positive and collaborative manner 

  • Ensure compliance with Code of Ethics, confidentiality, mandated reporting, release of information, and overall ethical, legal, and best practices for delivery of substance use services

  • Maintain interpersonal skills, which display healthy boundaries while remaining open-minded and willing to try new ideas 

  • Continually look for ways to improve quality of their own skills, and the work environment around them 

  • Always maintain awareness of their environment and observe procedures to work in a safe and secure manner 

  • Practices within professional areas of expertise and scope of practice.  Practices under the supervision of an appropriately licensed professional (if required). 

  • Participate in supervision as required and/or necessary for their certification and best practices for service delivery

  • Attend scheduled meetings with SRBS as applicable

  • Submit billing and timesheets promptly as required to SRBS Executive Director 

  • Submit signed Client Paperwork and Notes promptly as scheduled

  • Submit new Treatment Plans for clients every 30 days

  • Maintain 60% direct productivity for unduplicated clients

  • Performs other duties as assigned


Experience/Qualification Requirements and Personal Job Skills

  • Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CADC) or tCADC

  • Experience as a substance use counselor preferred

  • Possess Dependent Adult and Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Certificate

  • Possess a valid Driver’s License with proof of motor vehicle insurance

  • Demonstrated experience in providing culturally responsive services

  • Experience working with at risk individuals

  • Good written and verbal skills

  • Demonstrated ability to organize and prioritize work responsibilities with limited supervision and/or structured guidance

  • Ability to build collaboration

  • Ability to motive individuals to make healthy changes

  • Computer skills

  • Good advocacy skills

  • Ability to form relationships and build partnerships

Pre-Employment Requirements

  • Valid driver’s license

  • Proof of vehicle insurance

  • Criminal, child abuse, and driving record background checks

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Sky Ranch - SU Counselor Full Time
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