Individual & Family 

Individual and Family sessions focus on positive communication, problem solving, and skill development. The staff of Sky Ranch will meet with the client weekly, in the comfort of their home or in the Sky Ranch office. The primary focus will be on individual support and guidance in the areas of behavior, interpersonal relationship skills, internal control development, family relationship skills, etc.​

Parenting Classes

Parenting classes will be held as needed for parents willing to participate. Parenting classes are support groups and classes to help the parents develop positive skills and techniques to effectively deal with their children's behaviors.

Family Meetings

Family meetings will be held as needed to review the client’s and family’s needs and expectations. The Sky Ranch staff will assist the parents in developing and enforcing logical consequences for negative behaviors.

Substance Use Counseling
  • Assessments for Substance Use & Problem Gambling Disorders

  • Juvenile Outpatient Groups

  • Recovery Coaching, Peer Mentoring, & Building Life Skills

  • OWI Assessments & 12-hour State Mandated Education Course for OWI offenders

  • Prevention and Early Intervention Courses/Education